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Historical Summary of the Society of Christ in Tacoma

     Father. Michal Farfara          Father, Lawrence Piotrzkowski          Father. Henry Rozycki

In 2008 Saints Peter and Paul Paris celebrated its 25th anniversary of the presence of the Society of Christ. On April 25, there was a special celebration which Provincial Pawel Bandurski, S.Chr. and Fr. Stanislaw Michalek, S.Chr. from St. Margaret Parish in Seattle attended.

A brief summary of the presence of their Pastors from the Society of Christ:
Fr.Richard CebulaIn 1981 Father Richard Cebula, O.S.B. was transferred from Saints Peter and Paul Parish the nearby Holy Rosary Parish, Saints Peter and Paul Parish become a station of Holy Rosary thereby losing its status as a Polish Parish.

Because of the majority of the parish was by that time American-born parishioners, Archbishop Hunthausen felt that a full-time resident priest was no longer necessary. Under the leadership of the president of the parish council, Joseph Sienkiewicz, an aggressive campaign was launched to secure a full-time Polish-speaking priest.
In addition the parishioners worked to regain their status as a Polish parish. On October 3 1983, Fr. Wladyslaw Gowin, S.Chr. - Provincial of the Society of Christ, met with Archbishop Hunthausen, and the Archbishop agreed to establish a Polish Ministry in Tacoma with one provision: that the Society of Christ would provide a priest.

In his memoirs, Fr. Gowin related this situation in such words:  "On October 9, 1983,
 Father. Mieczyslaw Szwej

Father Mieczyslaw Szwej, S.Chr. was appointed as a new pastor of Saints Peter and Paul Parish. He lived in the parish rectory near the church. His ministry was to celebrate Mass in Polish and in English and to take care of the new Polish immigrants in Seattle and the surrounding area. On Sunday, October 15, at 5 p.m. Father Szwej celebrated his first Mass in Saints Peter and Paul Church. 300 people attended the Mass in the Polish language. Every Sunday Fr. Szwej also celebrated Mass in the Polish language at  St. Bridget Church in Seattle."

Father. Jozef Calik
In September 1988, Father. Josef Calik, S.Chr. replaced Fr. Szwej. Fr. Calik began extensive renovations of the church and rectory before celebrating the centennial of Saints Peter and Paul Parish in 1992.
When in 1992 Archbishop Murphy designated the church of St. Margaret of Scotland in Queen Anne, Seattle for the Polish Community, Father Calik became the first pastor of the Polish Community in Seattle - until his death on January 19, 2004.
He is buried in Calvary Cemetery in Seattle.

Fr.Wojciech Baryski, S.Chr
In 1992 Father. Wojciech Baryski, S.Chr. was appointed as the new pastor of Saints Peter and Paul.

For about two years he continued his ministry and the renovation of the parish hall and cafeteria. In the middle of February he was appointed pastor of St. Florian Parish in Hamtramck, Michigan.

Father. Piotr DzikowskiOn February 18, 1995, Father Piotr Dzikowski, S.Chr.,
was appointed as the youngest pastor of Saints Peter and Paul Parish and continued his ministry till 2010 when he was appointed pastor of St. Stanislaus Parish Parish in Portland Oregon.


Father. Eugeniusz Bolda
In 2010 year, Father. Eugeniusz Bolda S.Chr. was
appointed as the new pastor of Saints Peter and Paul Parish,
where he is continuing his ministry.

Saturday Masses:
6pm (Polish)

Sunday Masses:
9am (English)
11am (Polish)
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Weekday Masses


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9-11 a.m. & 6:30-7:30 p.m.
30 minutes before masses
except Monday and Sunday 5:00pm

Mass 9 a.m. (Latin)
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